Handle With Care — Rhonda Partain

If you’re like me you do at least some of your Christmas shopping online.
Have you ever noticed the words Handle With Care on a package? This alerts
the carrier to be especially careful with the package because the contents
could be damaged or broken. Wouldn’t it be good if each of us had a label
that advised others Be Kind, Speak Lovingly. We would then know that perhaps
this person had been hurt previously by harsh words, or unloving actions.
There aren’t labels that can be seen but each of us longs for others to
treat us with kindness. God knew we might forget so Ephesians 4:32  reminds us
to be kind to one another and to forgive. If a carrier handles a package
improperly and the contents are broken. It is replaced with a new product.
People can’t be easily repaired after harsh words are spoken. An apology
goes a long way in restoring love again. So during this Christmas season
give the best gift of all to those around. Be kind, use your words to
encourage instead of criticize, and should someone hurt you with thoughtless
words forgive them. After all, that’s what you want.

Handle with care

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