About Humpty Dumpty — Rhonda Partain

You might recall the nursery rhyme all about Humpty Dumpty. He had a very bad day. For starters there’s his name. A name usually has some meaning. Perhaps you were named after a cousin, a grandmother, or your Dad’s favorite childhood friend. Is there something special about Humpty Dumpty? Not very much. He is only known for one thing He sat. He didn’t do anything but sit.  At least if all you were going to do is sit it does seem you would find a good place to do it. Not this guy. He sat on a wall. Who knows why he had a great fall? Did someone push him. Did he grow so tired he fell asleep thus causing his fall? No matter the reason, he fell. He broke in to many pieces. Then there was no help for him. All the king’sHumpty horses and all the kings’ men couldn’t put Humpty back together again. That is just so sad. But if one is to be put together again surely he must take some responsibility. One would need to want to be put together again. You couldn’t just think about how you would want to be put together again .  You couldn’t expect others to do all the work and just wait for someone to put you back together. . You would need to evaluate how you became broken in the first place. You could of course blame the wall, your family, where you were born, or even your name? That wouldn’t lead to any positive change.  The best thing Humpty could have done is to ask probing questions of himself . No one made him choose to sit. He did that on his own. He if he wants to be put back together must first admit his responsibility. I Humpty Dumpty decided to sit on a wall which wasn’t the best decision. I wasn’t thinking of consequences and so it was my fault I fell. That would have been a great start Instead of blaming others and saying things like “They” didn’t treat me fairly and so I lost my job; bad luck just follows me. . He could have been known for something more than falling. Falling in and of itself isn’t bad if we get up and determine to make choices that will lead us far from falling again. It’s all in how we choose to look at it

Have you had a great fall? Resist the tendency to blame others and evaluate what part you played in your fall. Then you won’t be likely to sit on a wall next time but will instead choose to do something more productive.




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