If God Had a Facebook Page Rhonda Partain





Rhonda muses about our social media-driven society and wonders in her writing if the Creator befriends us on the world’s most popular platform how would we react. Would we welcome him with open arms? Would we fear him? Would we accept his request or block his request citing too much pressure?




It seems everyone has a Facebook page these days. Go ahead and do a search and you’ll probably find many you knew in high school. You’ll see the cheerleaders and football players. If you ask even those who wouldn’t give you the time of day will probably accept your friend request? Why is that? We all want to know what happened. We have an insatiable curiosity to know did the cheerleader stay married to the captain of the football team? Is she still beautiful or has time caught up with her too? When you peruse Facebook you’ll notice perfect pictures of perfect lives. Pictures show every hair in place, beautiful settings, and smiling faces. We want others to think we have it all together even if all around us life is falling apart. So I was thinking, how would it be if God had a Facebook page? Would we accept His friend request?

It would be refreshing in a way. God would know our real-life situation. We could show him the pictures of the circles under our eyes from lack of sleep when we spent most of the night worried about our marriage, our kids, or jobs. We wouldn’t have to pretend we had the kind of faith that commands mountains to be moved when ours was just a tiny spark. There would be no need to be fake, God knows. So if we accepted  God’s Facebook friend request would we tell him about all of our troubles. After we had exhausted all other possibilities would He be our final choice?

Just as we have believed that everyone else has a perfect life I think we have believed God was some sort of Heavenly Santa. He had all the power and we need only take our problems to him. What happens when our spouse chooses to leave anyway; what if our kids decide to go their own way, and we lose our jobs? Do we block God and refuse to read his posts anymore? Prayer is so much more than making a list and expecting it to be filled. In God, I have a real friend who loves me even when I am unlovable. He sees me at my worst when I am angry, hurt, and he is still there. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am tired of pretending. Life is just plain hard sometimes; marriage is hard, getting along with others is trying. I don’t have it all together. I don’t have all the answers. I make wrong choices, say the wrong things. I need a power greater than I to help me get through life. I pray and I am honestly telling God I want to trust him and worry less. I want to grow closer to him and learn how to love myself and others. If God had a Facebook page and He sent me a friend request I’d accept it. What about you?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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