The Pink Refrigerator By Ben Partain

I remember in the early 90’s times were pretty lean for us, I was working hard with 2 small kids and their stay home Mom, I’m not hoping for a medal or anything, that’s just what real men do, support their families. Our refrigerator passed away one day (probably from a lack of food) and suffice it to say there was no savings, credit card or budget for a nice new shiny one. I reached into my wallet and saw 2 twenty dollars bills and a 10 to boot, the wheels started turning and I asked myself “what now?” A thought occurred to me: Go to a used appliance store, maybe buy a used fridge or make a down payment on a used one. I arrived at the grimy little shop littered with appliance parts and the smell of oil in the air and asked: “Do you have any refrigerators on sale in used condition?” The owner smiled with his limited dental situation and declared:”I got just what you need, Bud…I’ll even deliver it for you for free!” I was excited and inquired about the price and he slyly lied “50 dollars, just put a brand new compressor on her, she’ll last ten years or better” I was sold! I wanted to see it and he pointed behind him, it was old, antique and…PINK! Yes, it received the shabbiest of spray paint jobs from either !. a graffiti artist or 2. a blind person much like my wife Rhonda. I said ya got anything else and he lamented everything else was 100 dollars and up and me being financially embarrassed I knew I had to buy this pink behemoth.

I met the truck outside as it pulled up, they took away the deceased Kenmore and hand-trucked the old/new one in its place. The two beefy delivery guys sped off and my daughter, then 7 looked at the appliance and said: “Dad…do you know it’s pink?” I huffed”Yeah, you got a problem with that?” She seemed dismayed and countered, “No, it’s just huge and ugly….and PINK”. I plugged it in and it began to groan but work, it did, in fact, it even cold and it stayed cold for another six months until Rhonda’s parents mercifully gifted us their old side by side model when they bought a fancy state of the art one.

As we had the pink eyesore carried away for free Rhonda said; You know, Ben, there’s a biblical message in that old thing”. I couldn’t wait to hear the parable of the pink refrigerator…she continued: “You know, God always gives us what we need and it may not be new, it certainly might not even be pretty but he always provides and never lets us down”. Wow! Who could have imagined there was a life lesson in being broke and just having to buy the cheapest thing on earth to keep our food cold? Ever since that wee chapter in our lives I’ve come to realize that God allows all things to work for good, indeed and if life gives you lemons go trade them for a monstrosity just like the one I purchased that day.

Pink fridge

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