It’s Just Not Fair By Rhonda Partain



If you spend time around children for more than a few minutes you’re sure to hear this familiar refrain “That’s not fair,” This outburst may have come because another child got an extra cookie or perhaps other children that most desired toy. I wonder what made kids or any of us think that life ought to be fair? I hate to be the one to break it to you but it isn’t fair some children are born into a rich family while still others are born into great poverty. Its fair some die young due to cancer while others who could care less for their fellow man live into old age.  We can all agree that sometimes unfair things happen, but I think our issue with fairness arises when we feel entitled. Someone else gets the promotion we thought we were sure to get. We don’t have the kind of house, car, or wardrobe our friends have. Comparison is the fastest way to discontentment. Instead of being angry you didn’t get the job, mad because you don’t have the kind of house your friend does decide to use your energy for good Life may not be fair but you can determine to treat others fairly in your business dealings, in your relationships, and you can even treat yourself fairly.

Life isn’t fair. Sometimes your work will go unrewarded, sometimes you will be ignored and jilted. Sometimes people will make judgments about you through their own ignorance. They may see your skin color, gender or disability and not consider you for a job. Attitudes are slow in changing.   You can determine that the unfairness of others will not cause you to respond in kind. Fairness is something over which you have control. Instead of spending your time, your energy and mind on rehashing how unfair your situation is do something. Complaining and rehearsing your negative circumstances will only cause them to seem larger than they are. What you see is often what you get. A little child can be unhappy because his friend got a new shiny bike. He can sit inside looking out of his window and feel sorry for himself. Does this help him to get a new bike? Does this help him feel happier? He is only missing out on having fun with his friend, missing out on the warm Spring sunshine and the fun of riding around the block. He would feel much better if he decided how to improve his bike. Perhaps he could paint it, get a horn, add some stickers. If you are having a hard time finding a job and you feel others are focusing on your gender or disability become an advocate; join others in helping attitudes to change, help push laws through that will help to level the playing field. Determine to let your detractors be your motivators and become the best you can be.

Not fair

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