There is Courage in Encouragement Ben Partain

There haven’t been many moments of courage in my life, I haven’t dashed into any burning buildings or delivered any babies in a cab but it dawned on me: There is courage in encouragement. In my later years as my eyesight failed and I was forced to retreat into my own world I assigned myself the duty of encouraging others who had suddenly faced a loss; a job, a loved one, a pet, a life skill. It takes guts to face a person in emotional distress because so often they don’t want to hear it, they’re in the middle of the grief process, maybe angry at God or themselves, and perhaps they feel hopeless and helpless. My circumstance has taught me to adapt, be glad you’re alive and always look at what you have instead of what you lack. When you learn to count your blessings instead of your losses you realize you have the world to live for and your family and loved ones to boot.

I gain strength by being the one to turn to when things feel pointless. I don’t mind if people look at Rhonda and me and say “Wow, look at them, at least we don’t have it THAT bad”. They’re totally off base and being shallow but it’s ok because we have things money can’t buy;’ The peace that passes understanding. We get along well, we encourage one another and make it a point to uplift our friends and strangers every chance we get, our lives turned out better than I ever imagined and we have the future, which is explosively exciting.

I’ve had more than one friend ask me what I predict the future holds for the two of us, I see nothing but slow growth and progress with our expectations being surpassed beyond any measure. Our goal to create a public speaking career for Rhonda is challenging and the degree of difficulty is beyond impossible but that’s how we like it! We thrive and excel through adversity and I dare say even benefit from the crucible of pressure. I work some days without even looking at a clock or knowing its bedtime. I think that attitude exemplifies passion and I plan to see our dream through, in the meantime don’t be afraid to give encouragement, show the courage it takes to put yourself out there, it’s extremely rewarding.




3 thoughts on “There is Courage in Encouragement Ben Partain

  1. So nice to meet you and read your enthusiastic blog post today. Encouragement is a gift from our Creator. I believe it is my gift as well. While I have been gifted with a full measure of talents,it is encouragement of others that makes me the happiest.
    We are never diminished by what we give away – but we are blessed beyond measure for our giving away of ourselves and helping others.

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