Give Them Roses While They’re Here Rhonda Partain

The room was filled with flowers.  The heavy scent of their perfume seemed to permeate every inch of space.  Various kinds, various colors arranged in baskets, vases, and in wreaths. It was a means of showing sympathy for our loss. I wondered if my grandmother had ever received roses while she was alive. I tried to remember but couldn’t say I’d ever seen her with roses. Would she have liked to receive flowers? I don’t know but I found myself sad I’d never thought of bringing her roses, or daisies or tulips. The flowers were beautiful but they couldn’t bring my grandmother back. People just don’t know what to do or say so this is the only way they can think of to convey their caring.

I want to start a new campaign. It’s called Give Them Roses While They’re Here If you have a friend, loved one surprise them with flowers. We often assume others know how we feel about them. Of course, they know we love them, appreciate them, couldn’t imagine life without them. But do they? Don’t just assume make sure they know. Tell them, show them, let them know while they are still here just how special they are to you. Don’t wait until they are gone to send roses; don’t wait until then before you realize what a gift they are to you I believe the things regretted most when someone dies are unspoken words. What we wouldn’t give for a chance to say I love you, just one more time We might wish with all our heart that we had found a way to make peace.  Life is just too short to hold on to grievances and hurts. If this were your last day would you spend it remembering past hurts? I don’t think so. I am determining to live with intention. What I say has power to change my life and the lives of those I love. I will give them roses while they are here. I will forgive harsh words and look for the good.   Is it easy to forgive deep hurts? No, it isn’t. Holding onto anger only creates more hurt. Forgiving is a process that leads to inner peace

Roses were meant to enjoy. Their bright hues were meant to be admired not seen at a funeral. Don’t wait to say how you felt to a room full of friends and family at a graveside.  If there’s something you need to say, say it today. rose-blue-flower-rose-blooms-67636.jpeg

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