Love and Respect Rhonda Partain


We’ve all heard the song that says love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage but how many of us know that love and respect go together too? Most people if asked would define love as a feeling. One is either in love or perhaps has fallen out of love. The word love is splashed on shirts, coffee mugs, and it decorates our homes on signs and pillows. It would seem our world is in love with love. Yet if one watches the evening news we come away with a different picture. Marriages are consumed by abuse. Parents harm the children they say they love.

Feelings can be deceiving. One day we may feel like going to work and another day we want to stay home. Sometimes we see love as a license to treat others any way we choose. After all, it’s been a bad day; we aren’t feeling well. They know we love them and will understand, pexels-photo.jpgwon’t they?

We often treat our friends, spouse, and children in ways we wouldn’t treat a stranger. We’ve forgotten love and respect go together. Disrespect happens in all relationships. Children show disrespect to the things their parents work to give them. They aren’t grateful. A husband or wife doesn’t value the work their partner does. Critical words that bring the other down are spoken without thought. They know you love them after all. That is not an excuse. Love is more than a warm fuzzy feeling. It is more than sleepless nights and butterflies in your stomach. It is a commitment a choice to treat others with respect. If you love someone your actions and your words should affirm your love. Love is not a license to treat others with disrespect. We can love people but it takes thought and intention to treat them with respect. . .









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