What is the Color of Hope Rhonda Partain

My Uncle Bill is an artist. He can take paint, brushes, and a canvas and tell a story. He can cause people to remember a sunny day or perhaps a grandfather. He can capture with brush strokes the essence of a sunrise, the joy in a smile. I am blind so images have no value for me. I do however feel intensely. I know when others are sad. I work for a company who makes software for the blind. I speak to many older people who have lost their sight. They can’t see physically with their eyes, and they can’t see with their hearts. They see no good in their future. The light of hope has been blown out. Life seems so hard and they lack the motivation or the want to which would enable them to do something, anything. I want to help them see. I want to ignite a spark of hope. Perhaps at first, the spark may be very small. I believe one step is better than no steps at all.

Many people feel sorry for me. They think I am missing so much not seeing the world around me. I would rather see hope, I’d rather be able to dream to imagine, to try something than to die wishing I had. People try and describe things to me. They find it hard to describe a sunset. The light fades and slowly darkness settles over the land. Isn’t that what happens to a person who loses their hope? They see only darkness, no hope, no answer. They are immobilized by fear. Go into a dark room and you can feel upset you can’t see or you can do something about it. You turn on the light. I want to find ways to turn on the light for those who don’t have the energy to do it themselves. It only takes a little light to chase away the darkness. It only takes a little hope, a little encouragement to open the heart to new possibilities.

I know life can be hard. I have felt depressed and discouraged I was the only blind student in my high school. I’ve wanted to crawl into a cave and stay there. But someone cared. Someone encouraged me to try, to dream, to love. If you try you might fail. If you love, you could be hurt. I believe it is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all. Better to love and be hurt than to spend your life alone. If you fail, try again; if you are hurt by one who said they loved you, forgive them and don’t stop loving Your life story isn’t over unless you give up. There’s nothing wrong with taking a time out but rest for a bit and then turn the page.

2 thoughts on “What is the Color of Hope Rhonda Partain

  1. Hey Rohnda? Great post!

    I have a couple of questions.

    Which company are you working with, and what kind of software do they make?

    And is there a way that you imagine colors and their values in your mind despite the fact that you have no memory of them? That’s how I am too, never being able to experience them. But I have some knowledge of value and my own way of imagining them. I have a bit of synesthesia, which is experiencing something with one sense paired with something of the same or even another sense. For example, if you see a number, you might also see a specific color that belongs to it. In my case, most words, including people’s names, and textures of objects, have at least one musical note assigned to them. I don’t hear it like with headphones in my brain, but in my thoughts, even if I’m just thinking of a specific word or texture. Don’t ask me why, it just is, a mystery to me too. This includes the names of colors, and of course the colors themselves remind me of textures of things, such as green being cool, moist, fresh, like the feel of living grass, orange tasting like an orange, silver as metallic, etc. I really like metallic material. I also have ideas of what color I would choose for some specific objects, like wanting a duffel bag to be red and a car to be yellow, and when someone describes a variety of colors in a material that I know are sparkling, rainbow or prism-like beauty I have a bit of a thrill in my mind.


    1. I work for Serotek they make a screen reader called System Access. My girls tried to explain colors by attaching them to food I like when they were small. Purple was grapes, red apples or roses, green was grass. Thank you for your comments.


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