The Best Things in Life Aren’t Free, They’re Given Ben Partain

When we’re young we love getting gifts, my Dad used to bring home an ice cream or Mom might have brought us a cheeseburger, I always thought wow! What a treat! I don’t use the word “Try” anymore because to me it denotes something less than total effort but I do work hard to be generous these days, we’re beyond blessed in immeasurable ways. My heart for receiving turned, however when I became a father.

Nothing can really match the squeal of a child when you surprise them with a gift or a surprise or even just a swoop off the feet, obviously, I have daughters and that type of thing affected me triple. I have come to the conclusion and bore witness to the fact when you give you’re blessed 10-fold. Rhonda and I don’t talk about giving because you can’t gift your way to Heaven but it definitely has its own satisfaction.

The thing I love about life is all gifts aren’t tangible, some you can’t touch; The smile from a stranger or a laugh due to one of my stale jokes, people are so charitable. Time is one of the greatest gifts one can give, it’s finite and thus very valuable. Mentoring is a passion of mine and I love the thought of people avoiding some of the pitfalls young (and even old) Ben has succumbed to, it allows me to get that satisfaction of knowing I maybe shortened someone’s path to success.

I wanted to conclude by saying always seek the opportunity to give to one another, we all need more of a sense of community, now more than ever and the gift keeps giving for untold generations. On May 5th, 2009 I was given the gift of a second chance to live thanks to a kidney from my dearest wife Rhonda, now that in a real sense we’re truly as one I hope she continues to rub off on me and remind me the gift of giving is a responsibility, we need to give love as often as possible because who knows, you may feel the same joy I do when I know someone learned something from me and things were just a bit easier.

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