Anything Worthwhile is worth the Wait – Ben Partain

I was inspired to write about the talent and ability of people who can wait for things. It is said that patience is a virtue and from my experience how true is that? There’s also a religious component too, it is often said things happen in God’s time, but waiting has been such a part of my life and so many other people’s lives I think we can all relate but I want to tell you about a person who has literally had a wait of biblical proportions; my wife for life Rhonda.

Rhonda has the heart of a counselor and has pursued her dream of being a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, a person who works to place disabled people in different types of work that allows them to be successful. I met her in 1983 and she was attending the University of West Georgia, just home from a stint at the College of Charleston. She put her academic life on hold to wait until our kids were older so she could go back one day, that day came to fruition 16 years later.

She went back to West Georgia, then to Bucks County College in Pennsylvania, Columbus Community College and then finally Liberty University where she graduated in 2010 with her degree in Sociology/Psychology. She then went to the University of Kentucky where she has about 75% of her Masters in Voc.Rehab., a whole life of waiting and being patient as she achieved her goals day by day, always humble and always deferring to other people’s needs and desires.

Fast forward to the present: Rhonda has worked over a year and a half now and is within weeks of possibly achieving her dream of work as a counselor for the State of Georgia, It isn’t official yet but she has completed 4 levels in the employment process and guess what? Yes, more waiting is required. She is a prodigious fretter and jumps every time her phone rings or she gets an email notification but she is at peace with whatever happens and has even been invited to start a new job September 15th in case this one doesn’t pan out. She has waited for opportunities, she’s waited for job decisions, she’s even waited for her husband to be a decent human for a lifetime, I really truly think the waiting for her job of a lifetime is almost over, good things come to those who wait.

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