Waiting is the Hardest Part- Rhonda Partain


Have you ever noticed we spend a lot of time waiting? If you go out to dinner you might find your self waiting for a table. Then, once you are seated you wait for someone to take your order. Remember when you were a child and it seemed that Christmas would never come. Each day you would mark off the time counting one more day gone. Of course, Christmas did come and then the wait was on for Spring Break. Waiting has never been easy to do. If you are like me, you find it frustrating. I like to know. I really don’t mind waiting so much as when I must wait with no end in sight. If I know Christmas is December 25th then I know exactly how long I must wait. I can quantify the days, I know the number. But waiting for a job application to be approved or rejected, waiting for a dream to come true, waiting for improved health of a friend or loved one is just plain hard.

I think I make waiting more difficult than it needs to be. I have an awful attitude about waiting. I decide before I even start that I definitely hate waiting. Perhaps I might find waiting more pleasant if I focused on the end. Just think how nice it will be when I know if I get the job or whether I need to continue to search; how nice it will be to see a friend feel better, or a dream come true. Having a horrible attitude towards doesn’t help anything at all. Days still contain 24 hours, an hour still contains 60 minutes. My negative attitude affects my outlook on life; it even affects those around me. I think I need to change how I wait. Waiting and telling myself and others just how much I hate it hasn’t produced very much good. Maybe I’ll try waiting and focusing on the end result. As I sit waiting for my name to be called at my favorite steak house I can imagine how wonderful the cold crisp salad will be. I can also engage in conversation with my husband or friends. I need to divert my focus from the clock to the people who are with me. It won’t seem long until my name is called and I am enjoying that dinner I’d been wanting all day. I can imagine how happy I will be if I get the job, and even if I don’t I can continue searching. At least the wait will be over. Christmas does eventually come, our names are eventually called, and dreams well, they just take time.

Let’s just face it. Waiting is a part of life. We can fight it, or find some joy while we wait. I plan to wait with more joy and peace. The waiting need not take away my happiness it can’t unless I choose to let it. So, let’s choose to wait with good attitudes; we’ll still have to wait, but our families and friends will like us much more if we aren’t so negative.

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