I Done! – Rhonda Partain

Has anyone ever asked you to volunteer for something, called you at an inopportune moment and wanted to list all the faults their spouse, friend, or boss has? Now I know what you and I can say when we feel empty and have nothing to give others. We don’t need to say yes to volunteering if we have no energy or time. It’s really ok not to listen to a negative list if your negativity meter is overflowing. Just remember this little story. Xander my grandson is four. He just started playing a form of baseball for little kids. It is just adorable little boys trying to hit a ball and then watch as they try to00 remember what to do next. So my daughter tells Xander that he will have a game tomorrow after she gets home from work; she asks if he wants to play and he says: “No, I done.” How classic is that? Kids don’t know to lie and say what others want them to say. They just tell it as it is. He wasn’t feeling playing ball; in fact, he was just plain done.

We can learn a lot from kids. They enjoy playing, doing silly things like running in the rain, blowing bubbles and best of all they say what they mean. Wouldn’t it be great if we adults could say in a grown up way of course I done. I’d love to volunteer or listen to your problems but I feel all done today Why do we feel that a “Real Friend” would listen to a list of negativity about how the world is just treating others wrong Why must we offer to give our time and energy to a cause when we really have none to give? I am a born people pleaser. I like to make others happy, comfort those who are hurting, help in any way I can. But I’ve learned it’s ok to care for me. It doesn’t mean I’m not a good friend, that I don’t care for my friends or others. It just means I can recognize when I can give of my time and love freely and when I just can’t. Boundaries are good. Sometimes we say yes, and sometimes we really need to say no. One of my favorite Bible verses says we should speak the truth in love. Sometimes the truth is I just can’t.

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