It’s a Family Affair – Rhonda Partain

We went to our family reunion recently. We spoke with Uncle Bobby who has been married for over sixty years and found out he has 27 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. We spoke of his brothers and sisters, of his time in the Korean war and of his loss of his first baby girl at three months old.  I’ve known people who have suffered great loss in life and it seems they never recover. They never regain joy for a living; I know it’s normal to grieve but these people seem to live holding on to their memories so tightly that they are unable to enjoy the blessings of today. What makes one person suffer loss and grieve and choose to continue living while another loses the desire to keep going on. I believe there are a few things that make the difference. The first is knowing that life is hard for everyone; we have not been singled out to endure hardship while others have life easy. Each of us will some time in our life time experience loss, deep sadness, even anger towards someone. We must decide how these feelings will color our living.                                                                                                                                                             Our faith or lack thereof also makes a difference. We can choose to believe that God works ALL things for our good, or become angry with God because He didn’t make our life beautiful and care free. What treasures people are who have come through the hard times and continued to live laugh and love. We can find books that can give us steps to follow but if we are lucky enough to have someone we can touch and hear that can really make an impact on our life.                                                                                                                                                                                                 We can choose to hide away with our hurt or we can choose to use our time to help others. We can look for the rainbows, cherish the sunsets. I can’t even imagine the sadness of losing a baby at three months. How devastating that must have been. I am so glad that Uncle Bobby didn’t stay in that place of deep sadness and hurt He hasn’t forgotten his baby daughter; but he chooses to continue living life, laughing and loving.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Family Affair – Rhonda Partain

  1. Beautifully expressed. Our family watched “The Shack” yesterday, a story about getting past a deep sadness; this was after attending our church NHWC that morning and listening to an inspired message from pastor Dusty about being broken and then moving past it and composing yourself. We are all meant to be broken in order to fulfill our purpose. Some of us stay strong to avoid being broken. Some of us stay composed and therefore don’t know how to feel truly compassionate. It’s a cycle that we were created to participate in, but we get stuck because of pain and fear. Because Gods ways are higher than our ways and we want to have knowledge and understanding first instead of faith and trust. If we have the faith and trust perhaps we can gain wisdom and this will allow us to see the truth.

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