What is the Definition of You?- Ben Partain

We go through life and certain events define us: adversity, wealth, death, health. I wondered recently what the definition of me is. Can a person be condensed to a paragraph, an obituary, for example? I personally think not because we’re all each complex beings. Does illness define us? I’ve had a little bit of every malady but I think how I handle these issues defines me, not the label of diabetic or blind. I prefer the label clever or funny or dummy (mostly). I set out to investigate what is the definition of us as people and do we create this perception or do we just fall prey to it?

I have a small sampling but it’s been my experience we weave a persona from our definition. We all have our needy moments but some use that need as a crutch. Others use their challenges as points of motivation to pick themselves up and excel to levels we never dreamed. The point is we ALL have elements of these conditions in our make ups and we vacillate between different shades according to our moods or feelings. What defines us to me is our actions in dealing with our problems no matter what area they’re in and how we handle our outcomes. Fortunes have been built from these actions and character is often forged by how we react to life and the things we face, is there a formula to help us get through this thing?

Life doesn’t come with instructions but wise people say experience is the best teacher. We can wallow in our self-pity or we can figure out what it takes to deal with our problems and go forward. We should support our loved ones when they need it and encourage them through their trials and tribulations. If we don’t get that support seek it, find it, make it, ask for it or voice your concerns or counsel yourself. It’s ok to have that pity but try not to dwell on it….FIX IT. It’s truly soul nourishing. We all have our down moments when things seem hopeless, make you the example by soaring and recovering from those blues, it’s awesome to be your own best advocate.



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