Confessions From An Optimist – Rhonda Partain

I am one of those Pollyanna types of people; one who sees the glass as being half full while others declare it is empty.  I know the rain won’t last forever and I believe things work out in time. But there is something few people know about me. There are days and times in the middle of the night when I join the Glass Is Half Empty camp. I worry that the present situation I find myself in will never work out; that it will always rain and that tears will never stop falling from my eyes.  No one would ever guess this. People say I’m an inspiration that I am so happy and positive. It’s true. I am positive and happy about ninety percent of the time; but sometimes I am just tired. I don’t want to think things will change. I don’t feel like inspiring others.

We all feel this way at times. I think we need people with whom we can be real. We need People who will love us whether we see the rain as liquid sunshine or see humanity as hopeless. Sometimes I feel as though I am fighting and growing weary of doing so. Attitudes are hard to change. People may see me as an inspiration but they don’t see me as capable of doing a job. I just wanted to say for the record that even people who are inspiring feel uninspired themselves. Find someone you can be real with; someone who will help you find the sunshine when all you see is rain. We all need people who will just let us cry even if we don’t know why.

I just thought I’d let you all know that I’m not some super human who has transcended negativity. I don’t always feel positive; I am not always inspiring. I bounce back though like a boxer who finds new strength in the final rounds of the fight. I will not give up on me, on my dreams, my hopes. Don’t give up on you either. Let’s all stop pretending we know all the answers; we don’t. Let’s admit we are not perfect but that we are making progress. Do you sometimes feel sad at night? I do. I still believe that the positive wins over the negative and when we least expect situations will change; the sun will begin to shine.

2 thoughts on “Confessions From An Optimist – Rhonda Partain

  1. This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your sweet story 🙂 it makes me so happy. I wanted to let you know that 1) you are most certainly not alone, and 2) I wanted to offer up a suggestion that might be helpful for you. There’s a product called OrCam that’s been incredibly helpful for me. Essentially, they have these electronic glasses for the blind that help with reading, facial recognition, and more. It’s truly amazing technology for the blind visually impaired and it’s made a world of a difference for me in terms of independence and doing things on my own. I just wanted to recommend you check them out–they’re completely worth it, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing your lovely story! 🙂


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