Rain Drops and Attitude – Rhonda Partain


Recently I visited Seattle, WA  It wasn’t long until the rain started. Rain with cold winds the temperature around 39 degrees. This to me is not the weather for exploring; it is not the weather for trying to negotiate my way around a strange place. To me, rainy cold weather is meant for only one thing snuggling under a blanket and napping until the rain ceases. I’ve been told that it rains a lot in Seattle and life just continues. In life we just have to do these things: go to work, school, or buy groceries, we can’t just drop out because it is raining. Buses continue their routes, mail must be delivered, and even tourists must get wet as I did searching for somewhere to purchase the much-needed umbrella. There is an important life lesson to be found amid the blowing rain

Life must go on. Bad days, bad weather, bad bosses, negative co-workers must be born just as residents of Seattle endure the rain. We must not quit because it is raining; we must not quit because life is hard. Go and find an umbrella; go and find a friend a cup of coffee! Something that can help you continue. We all face rain. Maybe not the cold wet blowing rain I faced in Seattle but the rain of life. Parents get older and need care; a friend has cancer; we lose our job. We may want to run and hide under the blankets to wake up and start the day over. But being grown up means we must find a way to carry on. We don’t deny our feelings; we may even find a rest helps but we must not quit. It’s not over until you quit. It is natural to want to give up. We feel tired; our physical emotional and spiritual energy seems to be gone. Cars run out of gas and we must go to a gas station and fill them up again. The type of gas we put in our cars will determine how they will work. If we put cheap gas in, we will get a less than adequate performance from our cars. We must be careful in choosing how we replenish our energy stores. Surround yourself with positivity. I like music. Music speaks to my heart and soul in a way nothing else can.I listen to some soft piano jazz and I can feel my blood pressure becoming lower, my breathing slower. Just talking things over with a good friend while we enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea brings a sense of relaxation. Above all else, I must encourage myself and guard against the negative thoughts that seem to gather steam as they multiply.

I have a great admiration for those who live in Seattle and continue to live and find joy while rain drops keep falling on their heads. I have admiration for those who have cancer and still manage to laugh and smile. We all have moments or even seasons in our lives when we just want to run away. It is times like that when we must remember umbrellas, music, friends, hot coffee, and laughter. Rain drops may still be falling but we must determine that rain will not defeat us; hard times will not defeat us.

Ben and Rhonda in Seattle



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