I am Worth It – Rhonda Partain

I have a gluten allergy. This means I can’t eat wheat, flour, barley, or anything that is made with these ingredients. Some of the things I miss are donuts. Mind you donuts have no nutritional value; they are sugary fat filled happiness. There are gluten free options of donuts, cakes, pies, and even bread. The problem is they are usually twice the price of their gluten containing twins. Five dollars for a small loaf of bread, ten dollars for a pie!. It is ok if you don’t know such things exist. The sugary donuts are just as bad, just as calorie -laden but they don’t make me sick all night. I do however have these pangs of guilt. I mean, should a person really pay five dollars for bread? Is it really that good? Is hot buttery toast covered in strawberry jam really necessary? Well, is it? The answer is, of course, it isn’t. There is a deeper question here.

Why don’t I think I am worth the price of gluten free donuts? Why don’t I deserve them at least sometimes? Maybe it’s hard to enjoy something that one sees as expensive. Maybe somewhere in my head is the idea that I can do without the expensive food. I can but do I like it? Yes, it’s wonderful. To have a piece of a flaky cherry pie when you haven’t had any in years is well, priceless. My husband and I recently ate dinner at a place called Fire Fly. To my surprise, they had gluten free fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gluten free gravy. It’s a good thing I couldn’t see the prices or I might have said no. We ordered the fried chicken meal and it was just heavenly. I’ll always remember that meal. I asked my husband how much the meal was and he said not to worry about it because I was worth it. Wow, those are the kinds of words that are just beautiful to hear. You are worth it. I almost wanted to cry.

I began to think if I want others to think I have value I have to believe it first. I am a capable person who has talents and gifts. I can make a difference in the lives of others because I know I have value. I have vision though I am blind. Blindness doesn’t define nor does it keep me from dreaming. Come and get to know me. I am worth it.




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