In Pursuit of a Dream – Ben Partain

People sometimes attach the word “Inspiration” to blindness. In our almost 34 years together I can’t count the number of times people have told Rhonda about her inspirational countenance and how she makes them better just by knowing of her challenges and successes. This became even more evident as we traversed the United States recently and talked to literally hundreds of viewers of our story “Blind date” We’ve been working hard to create a foundation for Rhonda to become the worst kept secret in public speaking, today we embark on a very important step.rhonda-commtech

Rhonda has applied for a grant known as the Holman Prize, a $ 25,000 dollar grant administered by the San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind. The stipulations are the proposed recipient makes a 90-second video pitching their need for the grant and how they would change the perception of blindness with their efforts. Rhonda has decided on a path to become a “Inspirovational” speaker, one who inspires and motivates with their words and persona. The grant process is lengthy and will take a majority of the next year to award but never has there been a more worthy qualified contestant than Rhonda, she oozes positivity, patience, and perseverance and would use the grant to jumpstart her efforts as a public speaker and spread the word about just what is possible to the blind and visually impaired as well as those who are sighted and everyone in between.

So, take a moment and find her link on Youtube entitled “Inspirovate the world!” ( )  and “Like” her video, each like is akin to a vote. She has a gift to give the world and these are the baby steps necessary to create a following literally all over the world. I’m living proof that she can take a person who tends to find the negative aspects of life and turn that person around and point them in the right direction…she guides me every day.






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