Make Life A Tour – Ben Partain

We found out recently the 2 of us were invited on Popup Magazine’s winter tour 2017. We were blessed to join the fall tour of 2016 and saw things we would have never experienced without their gracious invitation. Being with the group of talented contributors makes me feel giddy and special; they embrace our story and show so much kindness it’s often overwhelming. As we committed to the next 4 dates I asked myself: Why can’t all of life replicate this good feeling? The answer is if you do it correctly it can, here are a few thoughts.

Express yourself. What’s the form of expression you enjoy the most? Explore this question and DO IT. I love to observe, laugh and share events I’ve watched, find your passion and have at it, it’s so soul cleansing and purifying you’ll feel like you raised life to another level. Once you find that thing that fulfills you act on it, don’t just discover something and shelve it, put some action to that new-found avocation. It’s so gratifying the art of expression there’s nothing like it I’ve found that moves me like writing and meeting new friends.

Finally just trust your vision. It’s easy to be afraid or shy and keep your life to yourself, be adventurous, live a little, act in a play, or write a song or a poem or an essay, I wrote an essay and it changed the course of both of our lives. Even if no one or few notice? Do it anyway, it’ll make you feel free and enthused about your own musings. Draw a picture, sketch or sing, be creative and show the world how unique you are, you’re the only one of yourhonda-ben-hollyhood God made and that is a pure treasure.

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