Might as Well Jump – Rhonda Partain

Do you have a secret dream? Do you have a wish something you’ve longed to do? What’s holding you back? We spend so much time imagining what could go wrong that we forget to imagine what could go right. We keep waiting for the right time, the right day. Perhaps we are waiting for a message in a bottle, some writing in the sky. If that’s what you are waiting for you’re going to be disappointed. There are no messages that appear out of nowhere, no writing in the sky with the plan you should follow. You have the dream in your heart. You know you want to see where it takes you, but you fear you could be left in a worse place the place of having jumped and flopped. So, what if you do flop? Little babies aren’t good at walking when first they try. They wobble around like one of those weebles but they fall down. They may rest a minute and try and figure out what caused them to fall. But the world is a dynamic colorful exciting place and they want to explore. So, guess what they do? You know the answer. They get up and try again. They may even fall several times before they reach their goal, their Daddy’s hand, a cookie, or their favorite toy. But at last, they are rewarded with a small success and all who love them applaud.

You and I may fall too. There’s a good chance we will. But if we plan ahead we’ll know just what to do when we fall. No, we won’t feel sorry for ourselves and have a pity party. No one would come anyway. We decide to try again. Failing isn’t the bad part; it’s not trying at all that’s sad. You are destined to play the I could have been great game or the if only I hadn’t been so afraid.

I remember one summer my Dad was trying to teach my brother and me to swim. I was doing pretty well but I was afraid to go in to the deep end of the pool. So my Dad made up a race between my brother and me. He told me that since I couldn’t see exactly where he was he would make sound so I could find him. We both began to swim as fast as we could when suddenly I reached out and touched my Dad’s hand which was holding onto the ladder in the “DEEP” end of the pool. I immediately began to be afraid. But then I realized I was in the deep and I hadn’t drowned after all. The best news of all was I had won. So if you have a dream, a job you have always wanted, a relationship you want to save, go ahead, and jump. I dare you.

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