Rewrite The Ending – Rhonda Partain

Don’t you hate it when you are reading a novel or watching a movie and the main character makes a wrong turn or makes the wrong choice, immediately it is obvious how the story will go. You know he will lose the job, the girl, his saved fortune, or best friend. You feel sad that he made such a poor decision and even sadder that the book or movie will end in a way you wouldn’t have chosen. We can’t rewrite movie scripts or change the endings of books we read. We can, however, change our own stories.

Just for a moment imagine your life story is a bestselling novel. There are chapters of great surprise, chapters that describe your first love, and then there is the chapter where you made a huge mistake. No, I’m sorry you can’t rewrite that chapter, but the good news is you are in charge of the ending of the story. Today is a new page in your story. No text has been written yet; no choices have been made, no words have been spoken. It is a blank canvas, a fresh start. You are in charge. So your task is to make today a page in the story you won’t wish to rewrite later. Think before you speak; think before you act, once spoken words can’t be taken back. There is no delete key in life. We can choose how our triumphs and mistakes affect us. We can become bitter or better. We can become arrogant, or realize we still have a lot to learn. Try this: Stop thinking about what you can’t change, and decide what you can change. Focus on the positive and not on the negatives. It is your story after all. The way it ends is up to you. Do you want to have a best seller, a horror story, or one of those don’t do what I did kind of books? You get to decide. No one else can write your story unless you allow them to.

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