Write Your Own Story – Rhonda Partain

There are two ways to look at life. Let’s say for a minute that life is like a story. There are heroes, villains, and surprises when you turn the page. You are the main character in this story. You are born into a family. Is your part in the story scripted? If it is then you have no control over how you react as the story unfolds. You experience moments of love and sorrow and moments where your dearest friends abandon you. You check the script to see just how you are to respond to these events. It might say “Insert a big smile here”, or “Unleash an angry torrent of words towards those who hurt you”.

Now let’s say you have some say in this story. You are still the main character but the interpretation of how you respond is left up to you. When others hurt you, it is your choice. You can let go with all the anger you have. You can hurt them as much as they hurt you. You can become bitter and expect that all people are out to get you. You can decide never to love again. You could; it’s your choice. I think some people like to blame their actions on others. It’s not my fault. If you knew the family I was born to; if you had my boss, if you had the personal problems I do you’d respond just as I have. One mentality sees life as happening to a person; while the other side sees a person choosing how he or she will respond.

So are you an actor in a story or a person who is actively living life? It’s up to you. You get to choose. It’s easier to say you didn’t write the story; it’s easier to blame someone else but living on purpose leads to a more interesting story.

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