A Very Super Sunday – Ben Partain

Football is life in the south. I’ve loved the game as long as I remember remembering, I was blessed to be born in Atlanta and have had Falcon privileges my whole life. Yes, they have toiled long in obscurity, many times the laughing stock of the league, my love still endured. They even reached this pinnacle 18 years ago only to disappoint and break all of the collective hearts in the city but…today is a different day, a new era; today we put an end to one dynasty and create another, today is the day we take our respect.

I’m not one to often brag or boast, life has taught me to claim the spoils AFTER the task is complete. Being an Atlanta sports fan I’ve experienced much about losing and showing class and grace if I’ve ever won. We can never win if we don’t pay a certain price and the price of being a local sports fan here is putting your heart out there one last time, hoping for a different result. I’ve one more timed 55 years and counting, the fact of the matter is this: You always take the chance when you truly love a team, person, city or thing. It’s human nature to expose yourself to hurt in exchange for that shining moment of excellence, that is where I am with my home team, I’m all in for this game today.

The burning question is what if the Atlanta Falcons win? I’ll kiss 3 dogs and my wife and listen to national reaction. I’ll burst with civic pride and feel vindicated for investing so very much in a dream, an idea, a city where I was born, schooled and hope to die. If they lose I’ll cry, dissect the game and turn my thoughts to springtime and the next teams here I live and die with but regardless I’ll put myself out there again, I’ll wait for the next chance. I’ll say I’m never doing this again; getting my hopes up, then? I’ll say ok…one more time.






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