Just As I Am – Rhonda Partain

An old hymn says we come to God just as we are, not pretending we’re good or deserving. The surprising thing to the author of the song is that God loves us anyway. Don’t you wish people did? There seems to be certain invisible rules one must keep in order to stay in the good graces of some people; there seems to be a way we should look, a way in which we should speak. I like ruffles and lace, maybe this because I can feel them. But sometimes my daughters might say something like you’re not going to buy or wear that are you? This statement somehow implies that my choice is not the proper one.

I wasn’t blessed with a super vigilant cleaning gene. I wish I was sometimes. My house isn’t condemnable but you wouldn’t want to eat off of the floor. I have neat freak friends who like to point out that my ceiling fans have dust on them. Oh really, I haven’t climbed up a ladder to touch them lately. That would be very sarcastic and unlike me to say but the urge is there. I realize they mean to help by telling me what I can’t see. I do the best I can and sometimes I feel it just isn’t good enough. Any of you ever feel this way. I’ve had some blind friends say they hire a house cleaner once or twice a month to get the areas they might miss because of lack of sight. That might be a thought. I just want friends to come over to see me, to talk to me, not write up a report on my lack of house cleaning skills.

We all have areas in which we could stand to improve. Perhaps house cleaning is mine. Should I feel ashamed because my house isn’t perfect? I don’t. I choose to surround myself with people who accept me just as I am flaws, weaknesses and all. A real friend will love me anyway. She might even help me with the things I can’t see. Do you have friends in your life who accept you just as you are? I surely hope so.

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