Deliver Me from ME! – Rhonda Partain

There is an enemy at my house. It’s true. She seeks to destroy my confidence and is critical of everything I do or say. She sees it all too, nothing escapes her watch. Just let me forget something, lose my purse, or say something stupid and she begins. It’s really awful that I allow her to talk to me as she does. She says I’m stupid that I should learn from my mistakes by now. She thinks I talk entirely too much and I really should think before I say something else stupid.

Who is this enemy that I allow to speak to me in such a critical manner? Can you guess? It’s me. Why am I so easy to tell others that it’s ok when they make a mistake yet I criticize myself unmercifully? The golden rule says we should treat others in the way we wish to be treated; I think I’ll change it around a bit and say treat yourself the considerate way you treat others.

This means you give yourself a pass if you forget your purse or wallet. You forgive yourself for the harsh words you spoke to a spouse or coworker. You say to yourself things like better luck next time, we all make mistakes, what can I learn from this. We all need to set healthy boundaries. Boundaries say how we want to be spoken to; boundaries allow us to say yes when we really want to and no when we do not. Let’s make a self-boundary and treat the person we are with some much-deserved respect. I bet we’ll make fewer mistakes’











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