Everybody Gets Wet – Rhonda Partain

Wouldn’t it be funny if when it rained only some people got wet? That doesn’t happen. If you happen to be outside when a random shower starts you get wet. There is nothing you can do. Rain just happens. We understand about rain so why do we get so upset when we experience problems and frustrations in our own lives? Do we think that we ought to be exempt somehow? I hate to break this news to you but there is really no Get out of Jail Free card. Bad stuff happens. It just does. No one is saved. None of us is promised a life full of sunshine and no rain, joy with no pain. You have to take life as it comes, the good with the bad. I’m not a super example of the human race so why should I think things shouldn’t happen to me. Why not me?

It rains on everyone; the sun shines on everyone. So enjoy the sunshine and have an umbrella and a good friend handy for the hard times in life the unexpected storms and the questions whose answers are hard to find. I figure life has seasons like the weather. There are times of peace, happiness, and joy, times of storms and sadness. If we are smart, we’ll allow the storms to make us stronger. We’ll allow the questions to help us grow.



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