Life is a Sport – Ben Partain

I was brought into this world to compete and be the underdog. I credit my brother Tommy for awakening that completive spirit in me as a small child, he is 9 years my senior and as a result taught me skills in sports then proceeded to beat me at every turn, never giving me mercy. Sounds like child abuse in a way but it instilled in me a drive that helped me realize something early: Life is a sport.

Think about your work pursuits. When you were looking for a job you competed against lots of people, maybe even hundreds or more, you WON. When you got your first promotion at work or a new title or advanced, guess what? Yep, you won again. Every person is unique and has their own way of being noticed, it may be through intellectual pursuits or work ethic or could be just a great personality and compelling smile but we do get noticed and we do compete for attention. When you were looking to get to know that special person, weren’t you competing for their attention? Of course, you were and I’m sure that spawned lots of creativity no matter what age group or era, we all tend to try to make ourselves stand out.

There’s a really a neat shortcut to being noticed and competing in life: WORK. We just had one of the greatest experiences of our lives, one that will be apparent in the next few weeks; you want to know my reward? Get up today and start planning the next steps, the foundation for what I compete for, the career I want Rhonda to pursue and she has so graciously accepted the challenge to do so, just another challenge she will overcome and excel with, hard work is in her genes. We like to channel our hard work into fun, always exchanging ideas and concepts while poking fun at ourselves and turning ideas into action. It’s fun to make a game out of life sometimes and just see if you get the high score, skill, and luck in equal measure.

The spirit of competition moves many of us; we love to be measured against one another. I use it as personal motivation when I fail at a game or prognosticating about a sporting event it makes me practice harder, study more, prepare for the next instance of challenge. Get yourself in shape for the game of life and prepare for competition you’ll feel like a winner but most importantly satisfy your hunger for wanting to be the best YOU, you can be at any given moment.


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