Do Nice Guys Finish Last? -Rhonda Partain

I recently ordered a treadmill online from a well-known store. I was so happy when it came, but my happy feeling soon left once I discovered the screen and speaker had a very large crack on them. I called the store asking about sending it back. This thing weighs close to 200lbs and was in a very large cardboard box. Just how does one go about putting a treadmill with many metal parts and a large defective screen back into a box? That my friends, ppears  to be the sixty-four thousand dollar question. So UPS is picking it up; I hope there is more than one with them. The discount store was very unconcerned about my $500 purchase and my dissatisfaction. I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if I was one of those rude yelling kinds of people. You know the kind that make a scene in the store when their item is defective and the manager rushes over to make things right. Why is it that one must be so rude and abrasive if he or she wishes to be treated with respect? This ought not to be. It just shouldn’t.

I really think I’m getting old because I think people used to treat each other better. Stores cared about what they sold and if something was wrong they did all they could to make sure the customer was happy. I ended up canceling the order for a replacement treadmill. I don’t have faith that the next one won’t arrive with a cracked screen or some missing parts. I realize things can happen but if a product is costly it does seem some measures would be taken to ensure safe and complete delivery. How do you handle messy situations like this? I am usually too nice I guess. I just don’t like screaming at people or being screamed at. What should have been a good experience getting a treadmill and starting an exercise program has just caused a big headache. Is there a right way to order a treadmill? I really want to know.



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