Try Try Again Then…Try some More-Ben Partain

People always say I’m trying. Ok, maybe not in a good way but…

My message today is one of persistence. We all are encouraged to keep on keeping on but let’s face it: It’s tough to face rejection or being “Passed over”. I’m here to tell the world to learn, integrate the results, reformulate and take another swing. In my former life as a printing manager, my General Manager would roast me for my fellow associate’s mistakes, I pointed out to her “If we were baseball players we’d be batting 970.00 and would be billionaires” She, by the way, Was not amused with my comparison.

The object of perseverance is to learn while failing and coming back stronger with a new iteration. Scientists spend a lifetime doing this, inventors too and yes…Printing Managers. Name your vocation and you’ve experimented and gauged the results and tried again. We talked about fear and it shouldn’t detain us from what we hope to achieve, moreover, it should drive us to the point of success. Life is more fun when we make a little challenge or contests to the tasks we’re appointed to handle, try that approach. Always thirst for excellence, if you do you might hit on the essence of it and learn how to replicate it, it’s worth the effort.

Graveyards are full of those who got discouraged and quit after only a few tries. They lead full, important lives but could have realized so much more by trying that one more time and analyzing what happened the first few times, be that person: Work a few hours on the weekend, learn your appointed craft, study study STUDY. You’ll be thrilled with results and you’ll feel satisfied that you did yeoman’s work and innovated. I t feels great to be ahead of the curve and even better to get rewarded for it, even if you reward yourself, you’ll feel stronger and smarter and guess what? YOU WILL BE!

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