Think Positive…BUT-Ben Partain

I was listening to an audiobook recently about how to reconfigure one’s life, one of the main tenants was to think positive…BUT. What could be wrong with positive thinking, I wondered? I would guess it’s better to be positive than not and that’s truth but the author continued and made quite the impression with her words and reasoning. It’s proper to be positive but also put actions with that positivity. When we think to be positive alone and feel it will suffice and fall into some wish granted state we fail to act and put good old fashioned hard work neck and neck with that good attitude. I did a personal inventory and assessed myself, here’s what I decided.

I’m a grinder, I’ll get positive after I grumble and complain enough when there’s no other option BUT to be in a positive frame of temper; I run the gamut of emotions when I fail or fall short and show anger to others when it’s me I’m disappointed with and feel the need to vent. I’ve vow moving forward to put action with the good thoughts and not hope for goodness. I can’t count the number of times as a Manager I told my coworkers that ‘Hope is not a strategy’ I figured it’s time for me to use my own advice on myself and really act instead of being in that “luck” mode, often times we make our own luck in this life and adapt, move forward and improvise is the action plan.

It’s also fair to have a strategy but also be nimble: We often despise change but IT is really the only constant. The best advice in my audiobook is to include constant change in your routine; it’ll keep you from being put off when it comes, as it always inevitably does. We got so much awesome feedback from the throngs of people we met on tour with Popup Magazine, to a person they felt we together should write and do more public speaking in some inspirational capacity. I considered this input and decided Rhonda is the source, certainly not me, she has an ability to reach people and affect them with her persona, I saw this personally in front of 6 to 8 thousand people as we crisscrossed the United States.

Where do I fit in my plan? I think we have a proven track record as a team, I’m educating myself and cultivating my skills as her assistant/manager and working towards finding her the proper booking agent so she can rightly assume her place as an inspirational speaker and to help her grow into a permanent sensation, just like I witnessed as we embarked on speaking to so many audience members collectively and one on one. In the meantime, I formulate the blueprint. It’s flexible, positive, realistic and viable. Rome wasn’t built in a day, watch us grow and along with us hang in there just to see what happens next.

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