An Attitude of Gratitude-Rhonda Partain

There is nothing I hate more than listening to a person who constantly complains. They don’t like the weather; they wish it weren’t Monday, if only they had another job, perhaps a different spouse or house. It is just emotionally draining to be around a person like this. I know there are moments in life that annoy us; things like slow traffic when we want to get home, Mondays, and cold rainy weather. I am going to make a sincere effort to cultivate an attitude of gratitude this year. Too often I too have joined the negative masses wishing I looked better not really wanting to do the work to accomplish that, wishing it wasn’t Monday, I have no control over the days of the week, or wishing life was easier. I have voiced my negative complaints to others which I am sure didn’t enhance their lives any.

There is nothing good to be gained from grumbling or complaining. I want the wisdom to realize what I can change, and then to go about making the changes I can. I want the wisdom to know what I can’t change, and the patience to accept or endure those things. Life can’t always be sunshine and roses. If we never had rain or cold would we appreciate the sun and flowers of the spring nearly as much? If we never heard angry words would we appreciate words of comfort and love? I don’t think so; I really don’t think so. My life and the lives of those around me will be much better if I concentrate on counting my blessings instead of complaining. Who wants to join me in this new life resolution? We can make the world a better place



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