Never Fear Fear


Who really doesn’t fear fear? It’s crippling (or can be), we usually fear something the fear itself most likely is more intense and worse than the actual thing we feared. It’s counter-intuitive to be “fearless” but is this even possible? I’m just one really delusional person but I believe fear can be abated, managed and dissolved like a blood clot if we confront and attack it, stand up to it and in general, disarm it, seems like a simple concept but implementing a strategy is clearly key.

Humans have a fear impulse so break it down; analyze the situation and get to the root of the fear and like Nike JUST DO IT. Try an ABC pattern of solution, 3 points does the trick when we rationalize things. I hate going to doctors and have tremendous anxiety or “White Coat Syndrome” Formerly I’d wildly vacillate, going back and forth about going, finally, I realized: The fear and trepidation of going is greater than the appointment. Scared of roller coasters? Ride one. Spiders? Kill one. (Ok…bad example). The point is: As the old No Fear clothes line used to say on their labels “Don’t let fear stand in the way of your dreams”.

We always fear the unknown, who doesn’t? So make it known, fear then conquer.  I figure resolution and peace of mind is a whole lot more valuable than letting fear mount until it ruins your health and your mind. I believe we get a special sense of accomplishment from attacking that which scares us, I know I do and continue to take my own advice. Rhonda and I recently visited the Willis Tower in Chicago, formerly known as the Sears Tower. We were encouraged and invited to step outside the ledge into a tiny glass box and have a few photos snapped. It was no big deal to Rhonda being so many floors up and outside, she’s never had sight and has little concept of heights, I, on the other hand, can see well enough on a cloudy day to realize this seems scary and a little dangerous. I decided to walk out there, try to seem calm and take some brave pictures mainly because I could tell myself I did it!

So….suck up the satisfaction, do things that scare you, confront your fears and defeat them, you’ll be better for it and feel accomplished that you added a story to your life list. Most importantly though you will have shu tdown anxiety and be able to use that energy to enjoy life and go on to the next challenge or a vacation or just a good steak with your family or friends.

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