What I’d Tell a Younger Me

I was thinking what I would tell my younger self now that I am the
wise old age of 53. I have acquired some wisdom the hard way of course; is
there any other way of learning any? I’d tell my younger self that bad times
don’t last. Sure you’ll think that you’ll never love again after that break-
up of your first serious relationship. You will even promise to yourself
that you will never, never, ever, allow someone to get so close that they
can hurt you again. But, you will. You’ll love again, and yes sometimes the
ones you love the very most will hurt you. They may not mean to; sometimes
they might, but hurt you they will. Love them anyway; take the risk of being
hurt. I know a thing or two, and it’s worth it.
To my younger self, you don’t have to try so hard to be perfect.
There are no perfect people living on earth. Perfection is good to aim for
but give yourself some grace sometimes, you so easily give grace to others
when they make a mistake. Forgive yourself as you forgive others. You are
only human after all. You will make mistakes today, tomorrow, and even next
week. You will not be a perfect wife, mother, friend, or citizen. That’s ok.
Remember to laugh often; the world is full of bad news, sad things over
which none of us has control, so find joy. Believe it or not, you’ll usually
end up finding what you look for. Be kind to yourself and others. Take a nap
sometimes. Allow yourself to have a dirty house and read a book. Take time
to just listen to some good music, drink a cup of hot tea, or hot cocoa it’s
good for the soul. My younger self, you know so little about love. It’s so
much more than a kiss; more than all those feelings that keep you awake at
night. It’s a choice when things get hard. Hold on to love don’t let it slip
away. Life is full of happy times, and sad times too. The hard times really
do make you stronger, you’ll see. Don’t wish you never had problems, they
make you appreciate real friends and real peace. Enjoy your life, sing in
the rain, blow bubbles, and wrestle with your grandson he will like that.
Read to your grandchildren, tell those you love you really care. It may be
that one day they will be gone and you’ll wish with all your heart you had.

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