A 2017 Primer

I’ve pondered what will a new year bring then it occurred to me it will likely yield what I put into it, so what does that entail? I heard a writer interviewed about treating your life like a startup complete with “Life hacks” that can act as shortcuts to help you whether you have the entrepreneurial spirit or just simply want to add more purpose to your life. The wheels turned in my mind (and the smoke churned) as I theorized about what might make me feel more whole than ever.

I want to be more useful this year. I’ve battled eye problems since 2004 but that is a poor excuse for not using the sight I’m still blessed with, I intend to write and cajole, promote and pronounce and more importantly share my insights and help my dearest wife do the same, we want to leave a legacy of laughs and of life experiences. I have a personal dream of helping Rhonda be an inspirational speaker because so many people from every walk of life have designated her as such including ME, if talking or listening to her 15 minutes doesn’t move you then you might need to have a few sessions with your Therapist and get in touch with what the word ‘inspiration’ means, she is the personification of the word.

I want to expand. Expand what you might say, my consciousness of humanity and what I can do to help others who ask for a different perspective. The people dearest to me love to chop it up, exchange ideas and investigate what this life thing is all about, I want to engage, participate and learn how to live on a new level by finding contentment that is only realized by cogitation. My favorite type of person is one who can take a rhetorical question and not only retort but solve and add meat to the stew of conversation. I aspire to be that guy and love those who never stop searching for answers and solutions.

Most of all I want to understand. I’m always working to see things from the other person’s point of view before reacting. Younger Ben always prided himself on having some pithy answer that brought down the house but while brevity is the soul of wit I strive now to consume a point of view and honor it in spite of agreeance or opposition. I realized this recent election was fought over by people not trying to advance their agendas or philosophies; they simply just wanted to be on the winning side regardless of who they supported. Winning feels great but showing class and grace feels even better and has more impact in the scheme of things as far as I’m concerned. I just want to reach that place successful people find, the one with balance and joy and sustenance and purpose, a wee small project wouldn’t you say?

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