NewYear’s Hopes


I always want to be positive despite ALL of my human frailties. Loss of life, sick pets, things going wrong and or sideways. It always bums me out and I am a very driven person even at this point in my life that I feel extremely diminished in my ability to make things go smoothly and seamlessly. I’m a pedestrian in a warp speed world and part of this appraisal is due to my physical challenges the other half clearly mental, a mindset. I do, however, do desire to improve and here are just a few of my hopes for the next year 2017.


I hope to embrace ALL change and deal with it with grace and class: I can be as petty as they come and openly admit being great at it, I want to achieve a worldlier attitude and learn to age further gracefully. It’s a human trait to struggle with these issues and I’ll work to continue to ascend above the fray and “Act my age” for lack of a better term. I strive to appreciate my blessings: I should have died at least 5 times and there are a reason and purpose God has kept me here, I suspect it’s not to foster some new brilliant business venture or manage or direct anything related to the pursuit of commerce, most likely it’s to just support humanity and hone my skills at being a decent person.

I aspire to be helpful to those who ask me to do so and not be meddlesome or force any life experiences on anyone in any way. It great to have life experience, it’s even better to offer it only when one inquires and not wield it like a sword and be self-righteous. Finally, I hope for the New Year to be harmonious for my friends and those I care most about or even those I just acquaint. The greatest thing to own in life is peace of mind and without such, we’re all just poorer. I want these things selfishly for myself but even more for all of those I’ve crossed paths with or do so due to a fate we all participate in during the course of a life.

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