Wisdom Inc.

Today as I recovered from the holiday hustle and bustle of the season I zoned out on my comfy leather couch and pondered: At what point in life do we gain wisdom? I’m sure there are no absolutes but is it at 21? Is it when children arrive in your life? Is it 50, 65, younger, older?  In addition, I  wondered are we only wise when other people say we are or do we talk ourselves into believing we’re wise?  I was surrounded by my dogs and no human contact, no answers, no feedback. Who has the answers I’m seeking?

In my latter years, I  have a propensity to panic and be anxious especially when I can’t get the information I’m seeking. I fancy myself fast thinking, quick to quip and yet able to impart a kernel of truth whenever in jest but when you’re alone in your thoughts there’s no credible arbiter in such conversations deep inside your own mind. So I endeavored to think outside of my own brain parameters and here’s what I decided on a clammy, murky day.

Wise is a nebulous property that is subjective and although others may try to anoint you as the “W” word the final proof is in the pudding of what you applied said wisdom to, it’s difficult to define. A wise old truck driver told me once “Sometimes you win when you thought you lost” That’s some pretty deep stuff from a gear jammer, but I totally get it, wisdom is finding lessons in mundane situations and in bright light moments, I self-declared.  We never grow too old if we learn and adjust I reasoned, wisdom can be seen or heard without a person trying to teach you the art, it seems it can be absorbed through osmosis and not shoved down one’s throat.

When I examined my personal counseling session I concluded just being aware and ready to adjust will take a person far down the road of wisdom. We’re not always right, perfect reasoners and gleaners of pure perfection but if we get a lesson and stretch our mental faculties we’ve stepped closer to that realm where the wise people roam and impart their pearls, I’m not personally close but I feel better for having questioned and considered the topic.

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