The Brothership


Anyone who knows me any knows I’m an avid sports fan. Yes, I’m competitive to a fault and even helped start a tiddlywinks team almost 40 years ago. I listen to sports talk incessantly and today as they discussed my team’s chances to win a Super Bowl a new word came up my team really invented, it’s called “Brothership”. I love a good play on words and my ears immediately perked up.

I started thinking what if this word applied outside of the realm of sports?  We could all use some sense of brothership in our lives, in our dealings. I think the intent of brothership is to gain a sense of brotherhood, sort of the exercise of the word. The newly made word though invokes a feeling of sticking together, not as a team or a political party or even a country, how about in hope for humanity? A racial thing yes: THE HUMAN RACE. I’m a poor public speaker (and even worse a writer) but I’d love to see this word born of a team believing in each other catch on and create a spirit of goodwill among us all, it’s a dream dreamt by generations of people universally but what if one term could galvanize a world? Sue me for dreaming while I jump on a ship.

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