Let It GO

I’ve been humming the chorus from Frozen…. Let It Go, Let It go! It’s really great advice. We can’t change our circumstances, those around us, or the future by constantly thinking or worrying about it. That is just energy wasted, time lost. We can’t control our circumstances or the actions of others but there is one thing over which we have power. We can control how we respond. It’s good to remember we have control over something.  We can’t control our mate; just how we respond to them. We can’t control our boss; but we can control how we respond to him or her.

One way we can control ourselves is to simply let things go. Worry makes me tired. What about you? If we do the best we can, if we honor our own values then we have done all we can. So today if you’re upset or anxious about something just remember the movie Frozen and join with me in singing Let it Go, Let It Go Circumstances or people can’t make me anxious or angry unless I choose to let them. So, I am choosing to let them go.

2 thoughts on “Let It GO

  1. One of the lines from LET IT GO is “I’m never going back, the past is in the past.” Sometimes worries are ruminations on the past while other fears are about the future. For “past” worriers, this verse is for you. Just let it go.


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