Put Life in Neutral

It occurred to me in a peaceful moment that we broker our own peace in life. There’s a huge difference between gaining peace of mind and giving one a piece of your mind, I concluded. There’s a lot of solace in being a decent human, it just feels good on every level to be: Charitable, caring about humanity, loving love and spreading positive vibes to your friends, strangers and whoever you bless in your daily travels. Most of us are social creatures and we thrive off of interaction, I know I do now more than ever, so…just work at being a life cheerleader for those you care about and those you just make an acquaintance.

What led me to write that well-intended soliloquy there was the old Ben. He was driven, ruthless, single-minded when it came to succeeding but in a destructive way, forsaking just about everything except the focus of the moment. It is not lost on me that closely coinciding with the height of this drive was also the height of a decline of my health. I obtained some small measure of what I sought but the price was and is still heavy, a debt yet still unsettled as I am still paying. Luckily with Rhonda I had tremendous spiritual guidance along with one of the most positive people ever made in all of the world, she kept and keeps me grounded and will often tell me yes….you’re really not all “That” when I need to hear grounding words.

In the end, success needs to be measured against personal peace. Steve Jobs had immeasurable corporate success yet in his dying days he wrote an essay almost professing to be a life failure in his relationships and had massive regret. Luckily for me I’ll never be him in more ways than one, never a great CEO fostering a great corporation or feeling empty at the end wishing I had done good works, I game plan every day working to be new and improved when it comes to being a decent human. My friend Leon, my favorite Uber driver, said it best when he told me “When you don’t do right things don’t go right” Take a moment in life to reflect , smile and throttle down your drive, you’ll be glad later.

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