Do It Afraid


Airplanes have always scared me just a bit. You would think since I can’t see it wouldn’t bother me. I recently took a trip to L.A. and I was fine until a flight attendant began to show me just where the oxygen mask would fall from if it was needed. I was trying with my entire mind to think positive thoughts which she interrupted. You know thoughts like one is more likely to be injured or killed in a car and not a plane; relatively speaking there aren’t many plane crashes and other soothing statements. I can be logical at times. So when she began to tell me that the seat cushion could also be a floatation device I came to the conclusion that if one needed such a device he or she should talk to their Higher Power. All went well and my fears were for nothing I figure there are two reactions one can have towards things that cause fear; one, we can run fast and far. Two, we can walk right into the fear and just face it. Let’s be honest here. It’s scary doing mostly anything when you can’t see. You could burn yourself if you learn to cook. You could get lost if you learn to travel on your own. You could make a mistake if you decide to try and make friends; you might face rejection if you try and find a job. But, if you decide the best course of action is to run from your fears you’ll never see your dreams come true. I used to be terribly afraid of public speaking. The mere thought would make my knees shake and my mouth grow dry. Benn and I were asked to participate in a six-city tour and tell the story of how we met. It sounded fun. I, of course, worried about what people would think, how I would sound, and I worried about the logistics of travel, airports, hotels, and Uber rides. I took the risk and did it all anyway. I decided the best thing to do was to do it afraid. I flew afraid and all went well. We traveled across a huge airport and Ben didn’t lose me. We found our checked bags and managed to secure a ride to the hotel. The first night we talked I was a bit anxious but after the first thirty seconds I loved it.

If there is anything you fear, just face it. It seems to me that what we fear can either hinder us or help us. You are stronger than you think. Whatever you fear to do? Resolve to just do it afraid. You’ll be surprised by the results.

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