When Life Gives You Lemons Sell Them to Someone Else – Ben Partain

I’m lucky to have salvaged about 25% of my eyesight. I can do most everything now except drive(And yet often tell people how to do so). I’m old school but insist on being modern, I’m very caucasian yet love everything funk and soul. People say I’m random like that’s a bad thing: I’m unique…just like EVERYONE else. I don’t ever want this blog to totally be about my blindness but it is kind of hard to ignore at times. I want the essence of my first blog to embody the message “I can do it, why shouldn’t I?”

An old D.J. in Atlanta used to say “Ain’t nothin’ to it but to go ahead and do it”  How wise is that advice?  We recently toured the United States, six cities in all, with Popup Magazine telling our story of young marriage,life and triumph over blindness both new and old in a segment entitled Blind Date. Rhonda and I spoke to throngs of people and many asked: “What is your advice for sustaining a relationship?” I told many young couples give your mate 3 chances…DAILY. Every couple will have their philosophical differences but I feel personally grace is the key, don’t have too many dealbreakers they make for short time unions.

So I want to say hello, thank you for the read and tell you the joy in life is finding it: We live in a time when it’s so easy to quit, start over dispose of opportunities and people and do the latest “Thing”. My advice is to be relentless, fail over and over again, learn from your mistakes and hold on to those you find who are dear,they’re worth it and you’ll be propelled through tough times and come out the other side enriched, emboldened and wiser for the ass beating (We all take them…get used to it).  You’ll feel proud and be like a piece of hardened, tempered steel for your efforts Always persist, it angers folks.

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