Welcome to our world

I’m Ben and I’m blessed beyond all understanding. This is our first blog and I’m thrilled to introduce the insights and talents of my wife of 31 years,Rhonda. She has been blind since birth but sees more than any human I’ve known by miles, here are Rhonda’s initial thoughts:


I am sure people think very different things when they first meet my husband and me. It is obvious I am blind so probably one of the first things they think is what a wonderful man he must be to marry a woman who is blind. That is just not true. He is wonderful but not because he married a person who is blind. People assume he must have to do everything for me. He gets automatic sainthood because it is assumed he must have to clean the house, do the laundry, and cook. He does some of these things but not because I can’t. We live in the south and often thunderstorms cause the power to go out suddenly. People know too well how hard it is to do anything in the dark and think that because I can’t see I must have problems functioning

Then, there are the people who try and elevate me to sainthood because I am a positive person. They think that if they were blind they would be depressed and joyless. They see my adaptability, my enthusiasm for life as some sort of miracle. It’s true I have learned different ways of doing things. I put bells on my little girl’s shoes so I’d know where they were crawling. I listen to food and note when it starts to fry. There are times when I am a little sad. My grandchildren will color a picture and want me to see it. I ask them to tell me what it is. They are trying to understand why I can’t see; the answer is clear to them I just need glasses.

I believe life presents us all with challenges. The best thing to do is don’t quit. If you feel overwhelmed, tired, and fresh out of answers the thing to do is rest. Resting isn’t quitting. Sometimes resting a bit helps us see things in a different light. There are no saints living on earth as far as I know. There are just people who love, live and laugh. People who find joy in small things like a hand to hold, watching the sunrise, listening to jazz music. Life has to be taken one day at a time; we can’t go back and do yesterday over. We have today. If you look for joy, you’ll be surprised because you’ll find it; if you look for sadness, frustration, and anger you’ll find that too. Change what you look for and at and your life will improve greatly. That’s how I see it.

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